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Winterhalder Hofmeier Grandfather Clock Chiming on Eight Bells or Four Cathedral Gongs


Origin: American
Maker: Bailey Biddle and Banks
Date: c1907
Dimensions: H99” W22” D15”
Reference: 633

We are excited to offer this remarkable clock retailed from Bailey Banks and Biddle of Philadelphia. The case is of high quality mahogany with a well preserved original finish containing exquisite scroll carvings with a beveled glass door.

This clock is a true piece of American history. The case was manufactured in the Philadelphia area. The movement is hand-made by German company Winterhalder Hofmeier and is of the highest quality. In the early 1900’s the very best hall clocks contained either an Elliott or Winterhalder Hofmeier movement. The best movement from these two competing companies is the eight bells and four gong movement used in this clock. This movement truly is the pinnacle of clock engineering.

This clock was a retirement gift from the Insurance Corporation of North America CIGNA to their retiring Director, Charles Platt, in 1909. Subsequently, CIGNA Corporation in Philadelphia, the nation’s oldest fire and marine insurance company, acquired the clock for their museum. The museum contained a collection of important artifacts from Philadelphia around the turn of the twentieth century. The clock stood in the museum halls until 2004 when the Smithsonian Institute received a remarkable offer from CIGNA to donate its extraordinary collection of historic firefighting and maritime artifacts to the National Museum of American History. The Smithsonian has had a long standing association with the CIGNA Museum and Art Collection.

We were fortunate to acquire this clock from the National Museum of American History during an auction.

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