American Grandfather Clock

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Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock

Antique American Grandfather Clock by J E Caldwell of Philadelphia


Origin: American
Maker: J E Caldwell
Date: c1880
Dimensions: H97" W28" D18"
Reference: 697

This antique grandfather clock has an eight day, two weight time and strike movement that strikes on a pleasant gong. The brass dial has Arabic numerals with an attractive moon dial showing a seascape and landscape. The case is mahogany and the clock was retailed by J.E.Caldwell & Co. of Philadelphia.

The company’s founder, James Emott Caldwell, a watchmaker and clockmaker, was born in Poughkeepsie, NY. He started his business on Maiden Lane in NY City then in the early 1830’s opened a small watchmakers shop located at 163 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA. Later moving to the Widener Building across from City Hall where they remained for 87 years. It was in 1848 that the name changed to J.E.Caldwell and Company.

Price: SOLD


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Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock

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