TickTockTony Is A Family Run Business

Tony Baker

Tick Tock Tony is a family run business. We are clock experts who provide repairs, preventive maintenance, and restorations for many kinds of clocks using only traditional materials and processes. We specialize in British, French, and German antique clocks.

For each antique clock that we prepare for sale, we spend approximately forty hours restoring each of them to tiptop condition. Our extensive knowledge and our comprehensive testing of these clocks allow us to offer you high-end antique timekeepers that will last for generations to come. This care both protects your investment and allows you to buy from us with confidence.

Linda and I moved to Southern California from Scotland in1986. I first started repairing antique clocks in 1999, and five years later we decided to expand into antique clock sales. 2010 was the turning point in our lives when we decided to grow the business and work it full time. It has become a family business. Our eldest son, with his extensive knowledge of web design, continues to build and maintain our website while Linda and I handle the day-to-day business operations.

We take our own photographs so we can provide our potential and returning customers with true representation of the clocks we have for sale. Using our extensive reference library and the internet, we carefully research the providence of all our clocks to ensure that the information we provide on our website is accurate.

Clocks have always fascinated me. As a young boy I would take watches and clocks apart just to see if I could put them back together again. Of course, back then I took apart more than I put together. When we visited my parent’s friends, they would hide all their clocks to ensure that I didn't start to disassemble them (or so my Mom liked to tell me). Over the years my skills and knowledge of the workings of old and antique clocks has greatly developed. I now have over thirty years of experience refurbishing antique clocks. During that time I have become a master craftsman with wood and metal so that I can build missing or broken clock parts that are no longer in production.

The name Tick Tock Tony came about, jokingly, from our youngest son. He was always joking about my passion for clocks. Eventually, the name Tick Tock Tony began to attract attention among my friends and family until we finally decided to use it as our company's formal name.

Linda are I are both originally from Halifax, a small town in Yorkshire, England. We married in 1975, the year after I graduated from Kitson College Leeds. We now have two grown sons and three wonderful cats.

People sometimes ask me what was the most unique clock that I ever had the chance to work on. Without a doubt it was an 11 ft. tall, 9 tube musical clock made by the famous clockmaker "Tobey". This clock currently stands in the hall of a prestigious Orange County, CA private school. It is featured in the reference book "Longcase Clocks and Standing Regulators" by Tran Duy Ly on page 420.

We hope to talk to you about your interest in our antique clocks. And, if you have any comments or suggestions about our website, please contact us.

Tony Baker