Antique Clock Sales: Grandfather, Wall, and Mantle Antique Clocks

We specialize in English, British, French, Austrian, and German antique clocks. We have a large selection of dial, wall, mantle, and grandfather clocks. We are the number one dealer in the US for British clocks. All of our antique clocks were hand-built by master clock-smiths. Unlike other websites, most of our antique clocks are a couple of hundred years old.

An antique clock is a wise investment because it appreciates over time. When it comes time to pass it onto future generations, your antique clock will be worth more then when you purchased it. We sell both within the US and internationally. Contact us for a shipping price. You can feel safe purchasing from us because all our antique clocks come with a one year warranty.

Antique clocks are not just pieces of furniture or timepieces; they are a sound investment, a piece of history, a work of art, and a very old antique.Antique clocks use a simple and robust movement hand-built by master clock-smiths. This results in a reliable clock movement may have been running for hundreds of years. With the appropriate maintenance it will run for the next hundred years.

On the other hand, If you purchase a modern clock, the movement will fail in about thirty years. Modern movements just don't last as long as an antique movements.If you purchased an antique clock five years ago, today it would be worth more than what you paid for it. Whereas, a modern clock would only be worth a fraction of its original price. With our volatile economy antique clocks may be a better investment than your 401k.

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