Clock Repair

With over a decade of performing clock repair, Tick Tock Tony has the expertise required to ensure that your clock gets the attention it needs.

We perform repairs, overhauls, and preventive maintenance on both antique and modern grandfather, wall, dial, and mantle clocks.

If your clock is not working, or it is not keeping accurate time, contact us and let us advise you. In Southern California, where we are located, we offer house calls to provide simple repairs and maintenance -- or to pick up your valuable clock.

Tick Tock Tony is an authorized clock repair service center for Howard Miller, Ridgeway clocks, and Sligh Clocks. In California we have become the number one dealer for British clock repairs.

We carefully inspect your clock before and after we service it. Of course, we provide a one year warranty on clock movements that we overhaul.

Clock Repair Tutorials

Tick Tock Tony has several tutorials aimed at better informing you about Antique Clock repair. We are constantly adding more tutorials so please check back if you don't find one of interest. Each tutorial contains clock repair tips, interesting explanations, as well as clock cleaning products.

Whether you are a collector of antique clocks, or just enjoy the beauty of a well made clock, you are sure to enjoy reading the tutorials and watching the repair videos.

Currently, we have videos showing you how to wind-up antique clocks, how to remove the movement from the clock case, and explanations of how the movement works.

Additionally, we have more videos uploaded on our YouTube channel. If you have an idea for a tutorial, please feel free to contact us.

Clock Repair Tutorials

Clock Repair vs Overhaul

Basically, an overhaul focuses on the entire clock movement, whereas a repair focuses on a particular issue. Not all clocks are in need of an overhaul. In fact, most clocks require only a minor repair.

After inspecting your clock's movement, we will recommend the repairs needed and advise you if the movement would benefit from an overhaul. When we perform our 11-step overhaul, we completely disassemble the movement and perform a rigorous inspection.

A strong indicator that a movement needs an overhaul, instead of a minor clock repair, is when the oil sinks contain a black or green residue. The residue is a mixture of brass powder and old oil. When the residue is visible it is a sure sign your clock needs a rebushing.

We recommend a clock oiling be performed every two years. Having your antique clocks oiled regularly helps make certain it will last for future generations


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Clock Repair

We can make clock repairs on almost any kind of clock - whether it has an antique or modern movement, it is electric or mechanical, or if its is wooden, porcelain, or glass.

many clock repair problems can be easily repaired by the owner if she/he has the correct parts, cleaning materials, and has good information to guide the repair. To help our clients and future clients, we have prepared a growing list of Clock Repair Tutorials complete with video instructions. You may want to check these out. Also, check out our extensive Frequently Asked Questions section for additional help.

Antique Clocks and other clocks with complicated movements need to be handeled by a clock repair professional. Clocks that have missing or damaged parts, or those in need of oiling are usally fairly easy to repair.

Clocks with movements that no longer continously run often require a complete overhaul. A leading indicator that your clock needs a complete overhaul is when the oil points contain black or green residue. This residue is a mixture of old oil and brass powder.

Overhauls involve taking the whole movement apart, replacing bushings and other worn parts, putting it back together and fully testing it for restored performance. See our 11-step movement overhaul process below. if necessary, TIck Tock Tony can make replacement parts for your clock. We have the skill, experience, and equipment necessary to craft these out-of-date mechanisms.

Our clock overhauls all have a one year warranty. We can alos provide on-going preventive maintenance services to keep your clock running perfectly. Every two years we recommend that your clock be adjusted and oiled.

Occasionally, an owner of a broken older clock will choose to have us replace the worn mechanical movement with a high quality battery operated one. These new movements can often mimic the chimes of the origina and provide the owner with a beautiful and fully functional clock - albeit no longer original.

Tick Tock Tony is an authorized clock repair service center for Howard Miller, Ridgeway Clocks, and Sligh Clocks. We are the number one location in California for British clock repair and members of both the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute and National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.

Visiting Our Workshop

If you would like to visit our workshop to checkout a clock, you are always welcome. However, please call first to schedule an appointment. If you are interested in purchasing an antique clock make an appointment and we will provide you with a personalized tour.

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Our 11-Step Clock Movement Overhaul Process

Grandfather Movement

A leading indicator that your clock is in need of an overhaul, and not just a minor clock repair, is when the oil point contains black or green residue. This residue is a mixture of old oil and brass powder, which is a sure sign your clock needs re bushing. All clock movements we overhaul go through an 11-Step process to ensure all problems get addressed. After an overhaul, your clock will keep more accurate time, ensuring you only have to make minor time adjustments every wind cycle.

Clock movements overhauled by Tick Tock Tony are subjected to the following 11-Step process:

  1. Remove your clock's movement from the case.
  2. Inspect the movement for signs of wear.
  3. Document all problems and the overall condition of your clock.
  4. Fully disassemble the movement.
  5. Clean individual movement parts in an Ultrasonic cleaner using a specialized clock repair cleaning solution.
  6. Dress and diamond polish all pivots.
  7. Perform all clock repairs and rebushings.
  8. Individually test the gear trains.
  9. Assemble the movement, perform an oiling, and make all necessary adjustments.
  10. Run the movement for 48 hours, in a testing stand while being monitored by a computerized timing device, making the necessary timing adjustments as neccessary.
  11. Mount the movement back in the case and run your fully assembled clock for one week.