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Grandfather Clocks
Grandfather Antique Clocks
Flame Mahogany Antique Grandfather Clock With Nine Chiming Bells by Francis Careswell in Shrewsbury
British Antique Grandfather clock by W. Garner
Remarkable Antique Grandfather Clock by Samuel Allport in Birmingham
Flame Mahogany Antique Grandfather Clock by Walter Watson from Altrincham
Winterhalder Hofmeier Grandfather Clock Chiming on Eight Bells or Four Cathedral Gongs
Oak German Nine-Tube Antique Grandfather Clock
Austrian Thirty-Day Floor Regulator Antique Time-Piece Made by F. Schondorfer of Wein
Herschede Nine Tube American Grandfather Clock Model #294
Herschede Nine Tube American Grandfather Clock Model #234
Eight Day Antique Grandfather Clock by Henry Daniel of London
Antique Waltham 9-Tube Grandfather Clock
Herschede Nine Tube American Grandfather Clock Model #234
Seth Thomas “Sonora” Chiming Grandfather Clock
Antique American Grandfather Clock by J E Caldwell of Philadelphia
Antique American Five Tube Grandfather Clock by J.E. Caldwell
Antique British Grandfather Clock by S. Smith and Sons of London
J. C. Jennens & Son of London Antique Grandfather Clock k
Burl Walnut Herschede 9 Tube Model 250 Grandfather Clock
Elliot Nine Tube Grandfather Clock With Movement From England

Dial Clocks
Dial Antique Clocks
Oak German Antique Eight-Day Lenzkirch Post Office Dial Clock c1910
Flame Mahogany Eight-Day Antique Anglo American Drop Dial Clock c1860
English Antique Drop Dial Fusee Dial Clock by M Rhodes in Bradford
Antique English Twelve Inch Mahogany Fusee Dial Clock by Stokmar c1895
Very Large 30” Antique Dial Clock By Robert Roskell of Liverpool
E. Ingraham & Co. "Ionic Calendar" Clock
14" Antique British Dial Clock Made by J.W. Benson of London

Other Clocks
Table And Mantle Antique Clocks
Three Weight Austrian Biedermeier Regulator
Austrian Viennese Regulator Timepiece Eight-Day Wall Clock
Ansonia Porcelain Antique American Mantle Clock by Ansonia Clock Co
American Antique Royal Bonn Porcelain Mantle Clock “La Calle” by Ansonia Clock Co
Antique American Royal Bonn Porcelain Mantle Clock “La Mure” by Ansonia Clock Co
Antique Japy Freres Crystal Regulator Mantle Clock
French Crystal Regulator Mantle Clock of the Highest Quality
Antique French Gilt and Bronze Mantle Clock “Father Time”
Antique Royal Bonn Porcelain Mantle Clock “No 503”
British Sinclair Harding “Perpetum” Rolling Ball Table Clock
Antique French Eagle Desk Clock and Barometer
Antique French Portico Table Clock with Candle Holders
French Portico Antique Clock with Two Candelabras
Antique French Mantle Clock
Antique French Lyre Clock
Antique Eight-Day Austrian Biedermeier Wall Clock
Antique Japy Freres French Mantle Clock with Matching Candlesticks
French Gilt Bronze & Marble Suspended Movement Skeleton Clock

Antique Clock Tutorials
Clock Tutorials
How to adjust a clock
How to remove a clock movement
How to wind a clock
What is a rack-strike mechanism

Antique Clock Articles
Antique Clock Related Articles
History of Big Ben
All About Clockmaker John Harrison
The Long and the Short of Longitude, GMT and the IDL
Solstices, Equinoxes, Seasons, and Science of Time
The Antikythera Clock Mechanism (pronounced an-ti-ki-theer-uh)
All About Daylight Savings Time
Famous Clockmaker Elliot of London
History of Auctions

History of Antique Clocks
Interesting Articles About the History of Antique Clocks
Clock History Part 1: History Of The Grandfather Clock
Clock History Part 2: Moon Dial Long Case Clocks
Clock History Part 3: 1900 Onwards
Clock History Part 4: Early English Clockmaker John Harrison
Clock History Part 5: Tavern Clocks
Clock History part 6: Early American Clock Making

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