Rack-Strike Mechanism


Clock Dial Clock Dial In an effort to help win World War One clock factories like the one pictured on the right, which belonged to S. Smith and son in Cricklewood, near London, stopped making clocks and instead made fuses. Clock factories, throughout the world, started making military hardware. Subsequently, the Smiths, who were the biggest maker of clocks and jeweled watches, in the UK, no longer made watches.

In 1294 there was a small settlement at the junction of Cricklewood Lane and Edgware Road. By 1321 the settlement was referred to as Cricklewood. At the beginning of the nineteenth century Cricklewood had a handful of cottages. Cricklewood House was known to have beautiful gardens. By the 1860's there were numerous villas along Edgware Road starting with Rockhall Lodge and ending with Rockhall Terrace.

Clock Hands