Flame Mahogany Nine Bell Chime Antique Grandfather Clock by Francis Careswell of Shrewsbury

Origin: English
Maker: Francis Careswell
Date: c1800
Dimensions: H89" W19" D9"
Reference: 576

Clock Hands

This clock is a George III Grandfather English clock c1800. The case is made from the finest mahogany and has secondary pine wood. This clock has it all with an arch pediment, round hood door, fluted columns, and quarter columns with steel capitals. The case has an intricate checkered inlay.

The movement is an eight-day "seven pillar" three-train complete with an anchor escapement. This clock plays Westminster Whittington quarter hour chimes via a nest of eight english bells. The rare oval dial dial is extremely well preserved and is signed by the clock maker Francis Careswell from Shrewsbury. The glass has a convex shape to it.

Price: $19,000