Flame Mahogany Antique Grandfather Clock by Walter Watson of Altrincham

Origin: English
Maker: Walter Watson
Date: c1815
Dimensions: H93" W21" D9"
Reference: 601

Clock Hands

This clock has a beautiful flame mahogany inlaid case. It is an eight-day anchor escapement movement and strikes the hour on an English bell. The hood has a swan neck pediment and a hand carved conch shell inlay. The white painted dial measures fourteen inches and is signed by the maker, Walter Watson, who worked in the city Altrincham.

The dial showcases two brilliantly painted birds on either side of the center point. All four corners of the dial are decorated with flowers. The clock hands are blue steel with a diamond pattern. The moon dial features a stunning country and nautical scene.

Altrincham is a city located within the metropolitan borough of Trafford in the greater Manchester area. The city was established as a market town in 1290 during a time when most communities were agrarian based. The city was granted its charter by Baron Hamon de Massey V. The charter allowed a weekly market, which is still going today.

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