Austrian Viennese Regulator Timepiece Eight-Day Wall Clock

Origin: Austrian
Maker: Indeterminate
Date: c1860
Dimensions: H42" W11" D5"
Reference: 606

Clock Hands

This clock is an exceptional eight-day Austrian Viennese timepiece. It would be a fine addition to your home. It has a two-piece porcelain dial with a pie crust bezel and one weight. Both the clock hands and pendulum are original. It has a late Biedermeier case that's made from a beautiful piece of rosewood.

During the later part of the 18th century the Austrian clockmakers from Wien (Vienna) were known to make some of the finest clocks. During this time period Vienna clocks were hand-made by master craftsmen. Vienna clocks are considered more valuable than a common Black Forest Vienna regulator made by Lenzkirch or Gustav Becker.

Price: $900