Antique American Royal Bonn Porcelain Mantle Clock "La Mure" by Ansonia Clock Co

Origin: American
Maker: Ansonia Clock Co.
Date: c1895
Dimensions: H11.5" W9" D4"
Reference: 623

Clock Hands

This Royal Bonn "La Mure" has an eight-day time and strike movement that strikes on a gong. The creamy dial has red accents between the Roman numerals. A Rococo sash surrounds the beveled glass and the clock hands and pendulum are original to the clock. The creamy porcelain case has a magnificent hand painted scene of two deer standing by a river in the wilderness. Both sides of the clock have a painted tree. The porcelain features violet and gold highlights.

Since their inception in 1850, the Ansonia Clock Co. has consistently produced some of the finest and aesthetically pleasing American Clocks. This mantle clock will add charm and character to your home because of the delicate colors and hand-painted decorations.

Price: $400