Very Large 30” Antique Dial Clock By Robert Roskell of Liverpool

Origin: English
Maker: Robert Roskell
Date: c1825
Dimensions: H35" W29" D8"
Reference: 653

Clock Hands

This is an all original thirty inch antique English dial clock. The case is made from a beautiful piece of mahogany and has a masterfully carved surround. It has a Fusee chain driven time only movement. The dial is original to the clock and has Roman numerals showing the clockmakers name. The clock has a cast brass bezel and sight glass. Clock enthusiasts might be interested to know that there were five generations of Roskell horologists in Liverpool.

Liverpool’s history can be traced back to 1190. King John invited settlers to come and take up residence. The city became a small fishing port and farming community. Occasional, ferries crossed the Mersey River. You might remember the song of the same name written by Gerry Marsden and sung by Gerry and the Pacemakers. The song held the number one position in the United Kingdom for three weeks.

In the mid sixteenth century Liverpool’s population was only 600. From 1699 to 1700 Liverpool’s port was involved with transporting slaves. It is the profits from the slave trade that made Liverpool an important city, not the Beatles as some think.

Price: $1,200