14" Antique British Dial Clock Made by J.W. Benson of London

Origin: British
Maker: J.W. Benson
Date: c1920
Dimensions: H21.5" W21.5" D7"
Reference: 675

Clock Hands

This clock is a British fusee 14” dial clock made by the well-known clock maker J.W. Benson. It has an eight-day fusee movement. The case is made from a beautiful piece of oak with a carved leaf decoration and has a cast brass bezel with sight glass.

In 1847 James William Benson and his cousin Samuel Suckley Benson were prestigious watch and clock makers in London with premises at 43 Cornhill and 33 Ludgate Hill. In 1855 the partnership dissolved and J.W continued until his death in 1878. His three sons then took over the business until 1973 when it was sold to Garrards, the Royal Jewelers.

J.W. Benson was the official watchmaker to the Admiralty and war department. He held several Royal warrants, was watch maker to Queen Victoria, Prince of Wales, and several other Royal families.

Price: $1,700