Herschede Nine Tube American Grandfather Clock Model #234

Origin: American
Maker: Herschede
Date: c1965
Dimensions: H87" W21" D18"
Reference: 691

Clock Hands

This is an exquisite Herschede Grandfather Clock, Haverford model # 234. It has a beautiful Walnut case. The clock strikes the quarter and the hour on nine tubes and has a chime/silent selector. It has an eight-day movemen . The brass dial has a fancy scrolling gilt pierced center and spandrels. A rolling moon depicting the usual seascape and landscape is pictured above the dial.

Herschede Grandfather Clocks have been around since 1885. They were famous for their Tubular Bell Clocks which they manufactured until 1984. The nine tube clock is not only considered a beautiful time piece but also a musical instrument. The clock plays three tunes; the famous Westminster chime of “Big Ben”, Canterbury which was inspired by the great Canterbury Cathedral, and Whittington an old English melody that originally belonged to the Church of St Maryle Bow. The boy we all remember as Dick Whittington is said to have received the calling to return to London to become the Lord Mayor.

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