Antique British Grandfather Clock by S. Smith & Sons of London

Origin: British
Maker: S. Smith & Sons
Date: c1880
Dimensions: H104" W20" D14"
Reference: 701

Clock Hands

This is a fine example of a quality antique English quarter chiming grandfather clock made by S. Smith and Sons, of the Strand, London. This clock features an eight-day chiming movement with eight bells and five gongs and a choice of Westminster or Whittington. The brass dial features the rolling moon dial with a moon and star pattern.

The case is a beautiful mahogany with exquisite hand carved inlay work. This clock is featured on page 401 of the book, “Longcase Clocks and Standing Regulators” by Tran Duy Ly listed as S.Smith & Son’s Ltd. “The Metropole” and retailed by Wattles & Sheafer of Pittsburg PA. Jewelers since 1860.

This clock has remained in the possession of The Dawsons, Speer, and Painter families throughout its life. Charles A. Painter (married to Mary Lothrop) was a prominent banker from Pittsburg, who is listed in the “Prominent Families” Pittsburg Suburban Districts and adjacent towns published in 1912 by “The Index Company.” They lived in a home on Friendship Hill which is an estate on the Monongahela River.

The estate was formally owned by Albert Gallatin an immigrant from Switzerland who later went on to hold many important positions such as a Congressman, Ambassador, and Secretary of the Treasury from 1801 to 1814.

Price: $14,500