Shreve Crump & Low Company of Boston American Antique Grandfather Clock

Origin: American
Maker: Shreve Crump & Low Company
Date: c1920
Dimensions: H95" W20" D13.5"
Reference: 704

Clock Hands

This is a beautiful example of an American grandfather clock. It was made by Shreve crump & Low Company of Boston They have been in business since 1869. They can be found today at, 39 Newbury St, Boston, MA.

I date this clock from c1920. It has a painted dial with blue steel hands. The painting in the corner depict four famous English houses. The moon dial shows a pleasant land and nautical scene.

The movement is time and strike, striking the hour on a deep tone gong. The case is in the American style with narrow spindles and is cherrywood with an interesting flame mahogany inlay.

Price: $9,525