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English Antique Clock

Large Antique Dial Clock By Robert Roskell

Origin: English
Maker: Robert Roskell
Date: c1825
Size: H35" W29" D8"
Reference: 653
Price: $1,200

British Dial Clock

14" Antique British Dial Clock by J.W. Benson

Origin: British
Maker: J.W. Benson
Date: c1920
Size: H21.5” W21.5” D7”
Reference: 675
Price: $1,700

German Dial Clock

Lenzkirch German Post Office Dial Clock

Origin: German
Maker: Lenzkirch
Date: c1910
Size: H16” W16” D9”
Reference: 508
Price: $700

SOLD Antique Dial Clock

E. Ingraham & Co. "Ionic Calendar" Clock

Origin: American
Maker: E. Ingraham & Co.
Date: c1886
Size: H29.5" W16.5" D4.5"
Reference: 654
Price: $0

SOLD Antique Clock

Antique Drop Dial Fusee Clock by M Rhodes

Origin: English
Maker: M Rhodes
Date: c1840
Size: H23" W15" D6"
Reference: 571
Price: $0

English Fusee Clock

Antique English Fusee Dial Clock

Origin: English
Maker: Stokmar
Date: c1895
Size: H16" W16" D6"
Reference: 693
Price: $600

American Clock

Flame Mahogany Anglo Drop Dial Clock

Origin: American
Maker: Indeterminate
Date: c1860
Size: H27" W16" D6"
Reference: 563
Price: $900

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